Our pledge to Society

For us at ZuperAp Private Limited, everything started with a dream to create a platform that would help Farmers get a higher price for their produce by selling them directly to retailers avoiding middlemen. By creating ZuperAp we have created a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that would help every individual of the society (old, young, male, female) one way or the other. However, we at ZuperAp are committed to farmers and hence offer Free Subscription to Farmers around the world on ZuperAp to sell their Fruits, Vegetables, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Fresh Water Fish and Livestock.

We at ZuperAp also believe that many of the problems faced by the world today can be solved only by young entrepreneurs with ignited minds. Also, Economic Growth can be achieved by Countries around the World only by creating jobs and increasing Tax Revenue. This can be done only by Entrepreneurs and it is only when Young Entrepreneurs with divergent skills come together successful Enterprises are born. We at ZuperAp wants to see more Students becoming Entrepreneurs. Hence, we offer Free Subscription to Students around the world on ZuperAp to identify co-founders with divergent skills.

Roshan Kynadi

CEO & Co-Founder
Farmer & Entrepreneur

Vinay James Kynadi

Farmer & Entreprenuer

& Team